About us
About us

Thai Rotary Plastic Co.,Ltd.
      Was established more than 20 years , Our company started the production and distribution of plastic bags registered capital whereas its head office is located at

      1/5 Moo 7 , Lumlookka Road, Klong 4, Lardsawai , Lumlookka , Prathumthani 12150.

       Tel             : 0-2533-2626 (11 lines)
       Fax            : 0-2533-2128
       Website    : http://www.thairotaryplastic.com
       E-mail        : trpplast@cscoms.com





The ultimate goal
        Customer satisfaction is Thai Rotary Plastic Co., Ltd’s ultimate gold. Since day one of its operations, the company has placed great emphasis on product quality and total customer satisfaction. Therefore, customer can rest assured that Thai Rotary Plastic Co., Ltd.’s products are of the highest quality. The company is proud of its role in promoting the country’s social and economic well-being and prosperity.

        Aware of its agreement given to the clients by delivery the quality product ordered in time and including product guarantee to take all responsibility. So, our customers will have confidence on our quality and service.
        The company does not let this cares to adjust its working environment. Place of work machinery equipment schedule as well as development workers ability frequently with always pay attention in steps of working schedule with knowledge and experience . The production is always controlled by schedule with good supervision until the delivery is made in time.

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1/5 Moo 7 Lumlookka Road, Klong 4, Lumlookka, Prathumthani 12150
Tel : 086-368-9774-6 or 0-2533-2626 (11 line) Fax : 0-2533-2128

E-mail : trpplast@hotmail.com or thairotaryplastic@hotmail.com
Website : http://www.thairotaryplastic.com